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Silvana Zircher, Principal
David Bilenker, Assistant Principal

58 Twin Rivers Drive South
East Windsor, New Jersey 08520

Phone:   (609) 443-7800 * Fax:  (609) 443-7852

School Begins:  8:50AM
Regular Dismissal 3:25PM

Grades 1 - 5 Late Start Session 10:20AM - 3:25PM
Kindergarten Late Start Session:
AM: 10:20AM - 12:50PM
PM: 12:55PM - 3:25PM

Grades 1 - 5 Early Dismissal Session 8:50AM - 1:20PM
Kindergarten Early Dismissal Session
AM:  8:50AM - 11:20AM
PM:  10:50AM - 1:20PM

Lisa Rogers, School Counselor,
Anti-Bullying Specialist

East Windsor Regional School District
Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Mark Beckman, Supervisor
(609) 443-7717, ext. 2032



Arrival at School
Students are admitted to the building at 8:40AM when buses unload.  Most of our students are walkers.  They should leave home so as to arrive at school by 8:45AM.  Classes begin at 8:50AM.  Please note the early dismissal dates on the calendar and be prepared to expect your child home early on those dates.  Children who arrive late to school (after 8:50AM) should report directly to the main office.